Get Ready, the New Earth is Here!

Allison Gee, Founder

The inspiration for the Humanitorium was founded by Allison Gee. While on a trip to the ECETI Conference in 2019, Allison very much wanted to telepathically communicate with the people who live inside the mountain about how to raise the vibratory frequency in order to join them someday.

This was the message she received:

“All you have to do is create a society where no one has to worry about money in order to get their basic needs met. This will drastically raise the vibratory frequency of humans. This is the first step towards the New Earth together.”

This is the goal of the Humanitorium. No more rent, no more food bills, no more utility bills, monetary debt forgiveness, resource and skills sharing, abundance!, harmony with nature, living in paradise, societal production, service, and a way to survive a solar sneeze akin to the Carrington Event. After the ECETI Conference 2019, Allison came home and created this New Earth Business Model and Website within 3 Days. If one person can do this, imagine what 144 of us can do together!

A Map of the Layout of the Humanitorium. From a bird’s eye view, imagine the green shape is a walking path for citizens.

The Aether area is a Pyramid Temple at the center of the Humanitorium. People come here for healing, rejuvenation, spirituality, meditation, and to connect with the realms beyond this reality. Plants, fountains, beautiful music, and the temple cat greet you at the lobby, as the receptionist map gives you a tour and suggests areas of interest.

The Spirit area of the Humanitorium is where people go to create, be artistic, and make music. Communal instruments await for a jam session while color and light therapy bathes you for inspiration into your latest artistic masterpiece.

The Earth area of the Humanitorium is where people reside in their homes and domicile. Each person has a small, comfortable personal area for sleeping and possessions. Perhaps some friends may choose to share a mansion. Homes of domes provide structural integrity against weather, quakes, or cataclysm. A hotel is waiting, prepared for new arrivals and temporary visitors. The “farmlands” and hydroponic/aquaponic warehouses stem from the Earth area.

The Water area of the Humanitorium is where the bathhouse resides. Waterfalls and fountains adorn this area and are used for healing and cleansing. Essential oils cleanse the waters. Grey water is recycled through to the wetland leading to the pond. Cleansing happens here, and more hydroponic/aquaponic gardening is also done in this area.

The Air area of the Humanitorium is the area for communication and travel. It is the area of the mind for exchanging ideas. It is also the area for clean air and energy ideas. A conference hall, a lot for vehicles, an oxygen healing center, an observatory, and much more adorn the area of air.

The Fire area of the Humanitorium is where people go to boost morale beside the infinite fire in the amphitheater. This is a place where food is prepared and served, generally uncooked, as the fire in our intestinal brain consumes it for nutrients. This is the area where the fire dancers roam, and humans utilize and learn to commune with the element of fire for life’s necessities.

The Orientation area of the Humanitorium is where people come to be received, to register, and to learn about this particular Humanitorium. The visitor’s center is housed here, and mentors await for new arrivals, investors, and citizens. Orientation is also where people go for knowledge, counseling, and production service suggestions.

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This is a MAP of Neighboring Humanitoriums. They link together to form a sacred geometric Flower of Life Pattern.