The HUMANITORIUM is looking for the first 144 citizens who would like to live this New Earth Lifestyle.

Each HUMANITORIUM will house 144 citizens who will each commit to 20-25 hours per week of service for the Humanitorium in our elemental areas and careers of service in exchange for living a lifestyle in a paradise, released from the shackles of rent, food bills, and most utility bills. This is a co-created paradise where everyone helps everyone else get their basic needs met. Please read our website thoroughly (particularly our About, Careers, Lifestyle, and Open Source Ideas areas), take some quiet intentional time to meditate on your new life, and collect your thoughts before applying. This is an open source lifestyle, so please come with your ideas, ready to serve, and eagerness to live in the New Earth Paradigm with me. 
Thank You for Your Interest!

~The Humanitorium Team, Allison

You will be personally contacted when at least 144 people have applied and locations have been submitted. Your information is only used for the purposes of contacting you about the Humanitorium, to exchange ideas, and to provide updates while our new paradise is currently uploading us to the New Earth! 

Apply to live at a Humanitorium by submitting the form below! 

If you think you would not like to live at a Humanitorium but would rather support us with services, material goods, infrastructure, monetary investments, visits, or moral support on a regular basis, please fill out our Emissary Application instead:
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Citizens who have Confirmed and Applied to Live at a Humanitorium 

Citizens will receive a number and symbol for communication efficiency purposes while uploading our new paradise.

Citizen 1★
Allison Gee
Old World Occupation(s): Preschool Teacher and Preschool Administrative Assistant- Over ten years of experience in professional childcare. BA in Theatre, BA in Early Education, Masters in Holistic Business Administration.
Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Making Crystal Jewelry, Making Kombucha, Drawing, Video Games, Authentic Relating Games, Disclosure Conferences, Graphic and Web Design. Allison lived at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage for a few years and has over ten years of experience in Holistic Health and Wellness. She utilizes her experience, knowledge, and skills toward the Humanitorium.
Humanitorium Areas of Interest: ALL, particularly Earth, Water, Spirit, Aether, & Orientation.
Production Sorcery Interests: Making Cosmic Crystal Jewelry, Making Kombucha, Growing Mushrooms, Teaching/Counseling/Coaching, Entertainment, Sound Healing Concerts. Founding the Humanitorium with New Earth citizens, it’s a Life’s Work!

Citizen 2

Old World Occupation(s):
Talents, Skills, & Hobbies: Handy Man, Medical, Artsy, Circus, Landscaping, Gardening, Painting, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Leader, Interpersonal, Emathic, Intuitive Healing, Wildlife Activist, Survival Skills, and so much more.
Humanitorium Areas of Interest: ALL of them. Intuitive Healing, Nursing, Hospice, Making Art, Cleaning the Plastic from the Oceans, Spreading the Awareness of the Importance of the Balance in All Areas of Existance.
Production Sorcery Talents: Nursing, Intuitive Healing, Buffer Treatment, Intuitive Conversationalist.

Citizen 3❅
Old World Occupation(s): Musician, Audio Engineer, Producer/Composer, Associate of Science in Recording Arts.
Talents, Skills, & Hobbies: Bass Guitar, Art (Painting & Drawing), Yoga, Tarot, Altar Space Creation.
Humanitorium Areas of Interest: Earth & Spirit. Art, Music, Meditation, & Yoga. Tending to the green sustainable gardens.
Production Sorcery Talents: Audio Engineering. Music Classes and Lessons. Arts and Crafts for trade and barter.

Citizen 4🕉︎
Old World Occupation(s): Software Developer, Food Courier.
Talents, Skills, & Hobbies: Growing, Making, and Providing Delicious Vegan Food.
Humanitorium Areas of Interest: Earth, Water, Fire, Spirit. Gardening and providing delicious raw vegan food. 
Production Sorcery Talents: Cosmic Gardening. Helping to build the Humanitorium in any way he can.
Other Input: A peaceful citizen of the Earth who likes tropical environments.

Citizen 5֍
Old World Occupation(s): Handcrafted and fermented goods creator. Gardener and permaculture designer.
Talents, Skills, & Hobbies: Gardening, fermentation, food processing, permaculture design, disc golf and other sports, singing, dancing, life coaching.
Humanitorium Areas of Interest: Earth. Gardening. Processing food, life coaching, teaching (about permaculture, regenerative agriculture, biochar, microorganisms, fermentation, etc).
Production Sorcery Talents: Food processing, fermentation, massage therapy (unlicensed), marketing.
Other Input: Believes that nutritionally dense foods need to be grown in healthy soil in conjunction with livestock and human manure being processed into applicable fertilizer. Firmly believes in the circle of life and that all life is equally sentient, the plants and the animals. Wants to raise plants and livestock for food and be given the freedom for his own dietary choice, which includes eating meat for his dietary sustinance. (Allison’s note: He is aware this presently goes against a stated guideline of a “Humanitorium,” and his ideas and desires in this co-creation are just as important to take into account and consideration as anyone else’s.)