A Map of the Layout of the Humanitorium. From a bird’s eye view, the green shape is the walking pathway of the city.

Each Humanitorium Citizen contributes SERVICE for 20-25 hours per week in the varying CAREER fields of the Humanitorium.

ABUNDANCE ABOUNDS and EVERYONE has ENOUGH of the basics needed for SURVIVAL so each citizen can focus on TRIVING!

This is at least a $1 Million Dollar per year New Earth Business and Lifestyle!

Each HUMANITORIUM Citizen contributes service for about 3 hours per day/20-25 hours per week in any of our elemental areas of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit, Aether, and Orientation. No one has to pay rent, food bills, and most utility bills so we can focus on living a thriving abundant life together with our family of humanity! The following 14 careers with brief job descriptions are options for all 144 Humanitorium citizens to choose from. Each day, about 10 citizens work in each career area. Production Sorcery is the only career required for all citizens to contribute to for at least 3 hours per week.

Each career is responsible for its element of lifestyle in the Humanitorium. Research, resource, service and materials acquisition, and labor delegation are responsibilities of each career. If a citizen does not know how to do something, they research, problem solve, cooperate, and figure it out. They may delegate to services outside of the Humanitorium to meet the needs of each area.

Each Citizen is Encouraged to become a Master Crafter in at least 1 or 2 careers that they take part in regularly for at least 1 to 3 shifts per week. These are their areas of specialty, talent, and passion. These are the areas they are the best at and most knowledgeable in as a resource to the Humanitorium to seek council and advice.

The Council of 12 are highly skilled Embassy Engagers that convene at least once per week to gather and monitor big picture statistics and events within the Humanitorium. This team consists of two Master Crafters from each elemental area in Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Aether and one Master Crafter from each element of Spirit and Orientation. They work closely with the Ambassadors, Production Sorcerer Master Crafters, and Token Transmuters to ensure efficient system management, delegation, administration, and goal/vision attainment within the Humanitorium. They are elected each year by the citizenry, based on service, responsibility, contributions, and talent.


Cosmic Gardeners
The Cosmic Gardeners tend to the food production and acquisition. Cosmic Gardeners grow food in hydroponic/aquaponic and tower gardening systems. They sing, pray, talk to, and love the plants grown for consumption in the Humanitorium, which produces a high food yield full of high vibe nutrients. They harvest food in cooperation with the Cantina Creators and are responsible for the upkeep and upgrade of food production systems.

Construction Creators
The Construction Creators are responsible for the creation of structures and buildings in the Humanitorium. They are responsible for the upkeep and upgrade of facilities. They are also responsible for researching and attaining continual improvement and greater efficiency of structures.


Water Wizards
The Water Wizards are responsible for upkeep and attendance to the spa and bathhouse areas. They are also responsible for the infrastructure in water flow through the Humanitorium. They are responsible for water flow and acquisition upgrades.

Space Cleansers
Space Cleansers are responsible for cleaning, organizing and tidying common and public spaces of the Humanitorium.


The Ambassadors outreach to the world beyond the Humanitorium. They market our services and trade with other Humanitoriums, New Earth societies, and Old World infrastructure. They serve as communication agents to new arrivals, visitors, and outside services. They culminate event productions and bring humanity to the home of the Humanitorium.

Transportation Telomeres
The Transportation Telomeres are responsible for transportation arrangements to and from the Humanitorium. They are also responsible for the upkeep of vehicles, research into new transportation technologies, and strive to develop and acquire vehicles that would surpass a Carrington Event equivalent.


Cantina Creators
The Cantina Creators acquire and prepare food for consumption by the citizens and visitors of the Humanitorium. Cantina Creators strive to prepare balanced vegetarian diets of at least 80% raw food. Within the Humanitorium, citizens and visitors do not eat any food in the form of flesh/meat of an animal that has a face in hopes to be able to telepathically communicate with these sentient beings. Cantina Creators are well versed in diet and nutrition. They strive to provide vegetarian meals with complete nutrition profiles. They work in cooperation with the Cosmic Gardeners.

Starlight Engineers
The Starlight Engineers are responsible for energy and power systems of the Humanitorium. They are responsible for infrastructure and innovation. They use sustainable, infinite, and abundant resources for power and energy. They research the release from the dependence on the old world power systems and transformation into New Earth power systems that would withstand a modern Carrington Event.


Entertainment Enchanters
Entertainment Enchanters provide evening entertainment, arrange entertainment event production, and upkeep entertainment equipment. No electronics necessary, we will be entertained through any electromagnetic pulses from the Helios (the Sun). Entertainment Enchanters are responsible for up-leveling the entertainment systems and structures of the Humanitorium.

Production Sorcerers
Production Sorcerery is the only REQUIRED field for all Humanitorium Citizens, once per week for at least 3 hours. Production Sorcerers produce products and provide services that make monetary and material income/production for themselves, the Humanitorium, and Humanity. Suggested minimum wage for products and services is at least $1/min, meaning each citizen is encouraged to have a production talent that produces a product or service acquiring at least $1 per minute spent producing or providing the product/service.

(examples: Give a 1 hour massage for $60 as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Give a 1 hour sound healing concert for 10 people who each pay $5. Spend 5 minutes creating a cosmic essential oil blend that you sell for $10. Spend 30 minutes harvesting 3 Lbs of Shiitake Mushrooms sold for at least $10/Lb. Spend 30 min preparing and 30 min bottling a fermented food in a quantity you sell for $60 total.)

With 144 Humanitorium citizens each contributing at least $180/week worth of goods and services,

This is at least a $1 Million Dollar per year New Earth Business and Lifestyle!


Temple Caretakers
Temple Caretakers are stewards of the pyramid temple at the center of the city. They are responsible for attending to the people and structures, upkeep, organization, and services in the temple. They are responsible for healing and medical collaboration. They are well versed in the areas such as holistic health, wellness, herbalism, and naturopathy. They are also responsible for networking both Old World and New Earth modalities for citizens.

Embassy Engagers
Embassy Engagers are responsible for the big picture engagement and delegation of the Humanitorium. They also receive newcomers and visitors, give tours, do administrative service, and collaborate closely with the Ambassadors. A COUNCIL OF 12, consisting of Master Crafters from each Elemental Area convene every Sunday morning for at least 3 hours to go over big picture statistics, events, and arrange schedules for the upcoming week.

Token Transmuters
Token Transmuters are responsible for commerce, bookkeeping, and big picture financial, economic, and trade within and for the Humanitorium. They assist in the delegation of funds and teams for major upgrades. They assist in payments for outside services received by the Humanitorium. They also research networking and systems to improve the commerce of the Humanitorium.


Mentor Magicians
The Mentor Magicians service in the Orientation area of the Humanitorium. They service in reception, orienting visitors and newcomers, teaching, counseling, conflict resolution, skill nurturing, and knowledge sharing. They act as Humanitorium hosts and hospitality guides and work closely with the Ambassadors and Embassy Engagers.


5am-8am / 6am-9am / 7am-10am 
8am-11am / 9am-12pm / 10am-1pm
11am-2pm / 12pm-3pm / 1pm-4pm 
2pm-5pm / 3pm-6pm / 4pm-7pm
5pm-8pm / 6pm-9pm / 7pm-10pm
8pm-11pm / 9pm-12am / 10pm-1am

2 to 3 people minimum per shift per day. Each citizen will work one of these three hour shifts per day. Citizens can trade shifts to create a desired weekly schedule.~

Cosmic Gardeners: 5am-8am / 9am-12pm / 3pm-6pm
Construction Creationists: 8am-11am / 2pm-5pm / 3pm-6pm

Water Wizards: 6am-9am / 2pm-5pm / 8pm-11pm
Space Cleansers: 5am-8am or 6am-9am/ 11am-2pm / 6pm-9pm / 9pm-12am

Ambassadors: 8am-11am / 1pm-4pm / 7pm-10pm
Transportation Telomeres: 6am-9am / 9am-12pm / 2pm-5pm / 5pm-8pm

Cantina Creators: 5am-8am or 6am-9am / 10am-1pm / 5pm-8pm
Starlight Engineers: 9am-12pm / 12pm-3pm / 3pm-6pm

Entertainment Enchanters: 6pm-9pm / 7pm-10pm / 8pm-11pm / 9pm-12am
Production Sorcerers: ANYTIME wild card, at least 3 hours per week for each citizen!

Temple Caretakers: 6am-9am / 2pm-5pm / 7pm-10pm
Embassy Engagers: 8am-11am / 9am-12pm / 2pm-5pm / 5pm-8pm
Token Transmuters: 9am-12pm / 12pm-3pm or 2pm-5pm / 3pm-6pm

Mentor Magicians: 7am-10am / 9am-12pm / 1pm-4pm / 3pm-6pm

About 30 people out of 144 follows the 20/80% formula (20% of the people do 80% of the work.)

About 30 of the Humanitorium’s most monetarily wealthy citizens do not contribute their 3 hours per day, but instead contribute to the Humanitorium through monetary funds and fund delegation, working in cooperation with prominent career areas, such as Token Transmuters and Embassy Engagers, to fund the Humanitorium how we choose based on a percentage of their income, 30%-75%.

About 30 of the Humanitorium’s citizens serve 6 hours per day instead of 3 hours per day and can apply to the Humanitorium to get large monetary expenses covered.

About 3 to 5 Humanitorium citizens are wild cards and may contribute to Humanitorium service for 50-80 hours per week in whatever they choose and whatever needs to get done because these citizens have primarily mastered monetary wealth, the abundance of nature, and time management with service integrated into the Humanitorium.

If a regular citizen contributes service to the Humanitorium for only 20-25 hours per week, they still have time to have an Old World monetary income avenue if they choose. Hypothetically if 144 citizens of the Humanitorium each made only $10,000 per year outside of their service to the Humanitorium, collectively they would be making $1,440,000 per year which is at least $120,000 per month in monetary spending power they have together and each have their own autonomy over how they would like to spend their money as they choose.

Everyone is just as important as the next person, and everyone has an important role at the Humanitorium.


An Emmisary is not a citizen of the Humanitorium but still contributes to the city on a regular basis, either through services, products, labor, and/or monetary contribution.

144 Citizens does not include children, but each child over age 5 is encouraged to become an Emissary and learn about the Humanitorium as the child chooses. Children are also expected to acquire some type of education and knowledge of and through the Old World Society.

If you think you would not like to live at a Humanitorium but would rather support us with services, material goods, visits, or moral support on a regular basis, please fill out our Emissary Application instead: Click Here for -> Emissary Application Page

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