Get Ready, the New Earth is Here!

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Imagine the star pattern above is a pathway for people to walk around the city. The Earth area is where all Humanitorium citizens have a personal place for sleeping and possessions. There may be geodesic domed homes, tiny houses, and sleeping pods. The Humanitorium structures take inspiration from the efficiency of nature. The Honeycomb Hotel awaits visitors and perhaps a Honeycomb apartment complex provides rest and residence for citizens. Since the Humanitorium is home for 144 people, it is like a giant mansion city for everyone, and perhaps a downsized personal space like a sleeping pod or a small 200-500 sq ft paradise is all one person needs to live happily when utilities, food, and resources are available for free, at your doorstep less than a few minutes walk away.

High yield farming also happens in the Earth and perhaps in the Water areas. Hydroponic and aquaponic systems of crystalline substrate, along with the Cosmic Gardeners who tend to and nurture the plants, provides for an abundant garden fit to feed 144 people. The Cosmic Gardeners and all citizens are always coming up with new, improved, and more efficient strategies and systems for food production and acquisition at the Humanitorium.


The Water area of the Humanitorium houses hydrotherapy, a bathhouse, a spa, a sauna, more hydroponic gardening, hot tubs, and more. It is an area where citizens go to bathe in waters disinfected with essential oils instead of chlorine. It is a place for cleansing and relaxation. Laundry facilities are also housed here with efficient exercise bikes attached to washing machines.


The Air area of the Humanitorium is for transportation and communication. This is where the Transportation Telomeres arrange, organize, and conduct transportation to and from the Humanitorium. Citizens are always looking for new ways of transportation that utilize readily renewable, sustainable, and infinite energy systems. Perhaps flying cars are parked here or vehicles inspired by nature’s natural engineering of the butterfly. The Air area is also a place for communication with Old World and New Earth technologies. It is a place for a telescope or observatory. A conference hall may be housed here and perhaps an oxygen healing center.


The Fire area of the Humanitorium is where food is prepared for consumption by the Cantina Creators. Cantina Creators strive to prepare balanced vegetarian diets of at least 80% raw food. Within the Humanitorium, citizens and visitors do not eat any food in the form of meat/flesh that came from an animal that has a face in hopes to be able to telepathically communicate with these sentient beings. A large amphitheater with an infinitely burning fire for morale improvement and relaxation burns in the fire area, and we don’t burn our tree people friends. By day the Starlight Engineers create and craft efficient energy systems that withstand any Carrington Event. By night the fire dancers give a healing fire aura performance to cleanse away the day.


The Spirit Area of the Humanitorium is where the Entertainment Enchanters weave and work their magick. Very little electronic equipment is used in the Spirit area, as we shall be entertained long after a Carrington equivalent event. Artists create sculptures and paintings, musicians play, and a sound healing concert sooths away the day. Spirit is also an area where citizens go for inspiration and perhaps to enact their crafts of Production Sorcery between each elemental area at the points of the star pattern walkway.


The Aether area of the city is where the Pyramid Temple resides. Citizens come here to meditate, practice yoga, receive healing, and perform sacred ceremonies and dances. The Temple Caretakers provide healing, comfort, energy medicine, or may even refer you to an Old World doctor. The Council of 12 meets here to monitor big picture statistics of the Humanitorium, and they work closely with the Token Transmuters to monitor commerce. This is a place of rest, of healing, and a quiet place to go within and find the answers you seek.


The Orientation Area of the Humanitorium is where the visitor’s center is housed and Humanitorium history is displayed. The exchange of knowledge happens here through teaching, coaching, counseling, and workshops. The Humanitorium Treasure Trove Marketplace is where goods and services created from Humanitorium citizens are exchanged. Visitors may come here on a mission, a quest, or to check into the Honeycomb Hotel. New citizens may be going through a training and orientation process, and tours of the city start at Orientation.

This is a Layout of Neighboring Humanitoriums! They form together to create a divine sacred Flower of Life.

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