Nature and the Cosmos are Abundant and encourage us to be successful!

The Humanitorium is a place where Humans can live.

Where money does not come between the human and the elements,
particularly Food/Sustenance/Life Force, Water, Air, Energy, and Domicile.

The Humanitorium is based on the elements of
Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit, Aether, and Orientation.

The Humanitorium seeks to take the systems of the old paradigm shadow and transmute them into the systems of the New Earth.
Humanity needs a New Earth Order.

The first step to the New Earth is to remove the barrier of money between the basic survival building blocks of life, thus transmuting the brains and energy of the body to be ready for transmutation and transmission into the New Earth.

We must release our attachment and dependence on the old paradigm systems like money, education, medical, food, occupation, and lifestyle if we are to transition into the New Earth.

This does not mean we stop using any of these tools altogether, it means we transition away from feeling like our lives, identity, well-being, and culture depend on them.

This is a Paradise on Earth we CAN ALL CREATE, no matter the odds.
This is not Utopia, this is Real Life, this is Our Life, this is Our World!
This is the power of Co-Creation!

This is NOT a commune, an “intentional community,” or a cult.
This is a place of refuge, a resort for healing and service, a co-created paradise, and an open source area for living the New Earth Lifestyle.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
~ Albert Einstein

For those who need mission statements, here is our mission:
Our mission is to be an educational resort providing services, outreach, and awareness on a co-created sustainable lifestyle of at least 12-144 citizens, based on the basic elements of earth, water, air, fire, spirit, aether, and orientation where no one individual has to pay money for their living space, food, and general utilities, with accomplishments toward sustaining this thriving lifestyle paradise after a Carrington Event equivalent natural disaster.

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